Frequently asked questions

What is it?

It is an application to make the world a better place through semantic monitoring of single web pages.

How does it work?

  • 1. Search on your browser the web page you want to monitor.
  • 2. Enter the URL addres in Buboto to preview it (Create alert).
  • 3. You choose the element of interest that you need from the most relevant ones proposed by our algorithm.
  • 4. Define the activation rules or rule for your alert.
  • 5. Choose the frequency you want them to be checked.
  • 6. Then relax yourself, or keep working, or do nothing, or go for a walk, or help to make the world a better place ...
  • 7. You will be notified via email as soon as at least one of the activation rules is satisfied.

What can be monitored?

Any URL address that is publicly available, whether it be a homepage, a product page or a search results page with search params.

Activation rules

The activation rules that can be applied currently to the element of interest are the following:

  • has changed
  • begins exactly with
  • contains the text
  • ends exactly with
  • is exactly equal to
  • is not exactly equal to
  • is greater than (numerical content)
  • is greater than or equal(numerical content)
  • is less than (numerical content)
  • is less than or equal (numerical content)

You can define as much as 5 activation rules for a single alert.

Monitoring frequency

Currently following monitoring frequency are available:

  • once a day (at 9 am GMT+1),
  • once every hour (full hour),
  • or every 5 minutes (starting at 0:00).


In Buboto you pay depending on the number of checks you consume. We count one check every time we check a URL address to determine if at least one of the activation rules you defined is satisfied.

The current cost of 1000 checks is 0.2 € (taxes excluded), with a minimum monthly cost of 1 € (taxes excluded)

The chargeable period won't start at the first day of the month, but at the very first day you register for a premium account.

More questions?

You can contact us here   info at